Thursday, November 19, 2009

The grass is growing!

A couple of our Sept. guests, Tom and Nona insisted on helping (as they always do) Ellen and I clean up the 2 remaining seasonal RV sites in our expansion to the RV park. We all did a lot of leveling, raking, removing of rubish and I was fortunate to find a window of opportunity to lay down grass seed, plant some trees and bushes back in late Sept. Low and behold the grass is already coming through, and does it look great or what!

So, with that in mind, if you know any eager campers seeking a Seasonal site in a quiet and comfortable setting surrounded by nature...tell them to look no further than Sleeping Fawn. We have 2 sites left.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

storage garage, Part 2

With Temp's in the mid to upper 50's last week, we were able to place a coat of stain on the siding with Joe on his stilts, he focused on the upper siding and Ellen did the bottom half of siding, also painted the soffits. All that remains is a couple more coats of stain and the peaks with shakes! what a relief to have this project checked off the list.

Progress on storage garage

With the Not so great October weather behind us, November has been a terrific month to work on our outside projects. Both Ellen and I sided the storage garage and finished the soffiting work as well. All that remains is the peak which will contain shakes, that will be put up sometime at end of month. We still have to stain and paint most of unit.