Sunday, January 20, 2008

reality check please.

Mom decided to come up this weekend to see whats new at Sleeping Fawn. Little did she know it was going to be this cold...brrr, the temp. this morning reads 34 degrees below zero. I don't see any breeze outside either as the wind from the north is blocked by 20 acres of trees.
Despite the cold weather I still have no problem attracting the deer to the resort for their daily corn feed. The photos of the deer are taken off the deck of our winterized cabin.

Friday, January 11, 2008

hitting the trails.......

A couple of our Seasonal RV'ers spent a weekend at the Fawn to do some local snowmobiling. Both Tom and his son, Brian put plenty of miles on their sleds. They said the weather was perfect and all the trails were well groomed until reaching the Itasca State Park, high traffic made for poor trail conditions there. We need a good coat of fresh snow. I will keep you posted when more snow arrives, hoping soon.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 Holiday Letter

Dec 07 Greetings from SLEEPING FAWN- Resort and Campground

As I write this, I am watching the snow fall realizing the 2007 season is coming to an end. Looking back at five years at Sleeping Fawn Resort, making many new friends and being able to share this piece of nature has been a joy and we look forward to many more years
The highlight of the year for us was the baby loon born on Stocking Lake. As you may know, its rare for loons to nest on a small lake like Stocking, and its been many years since loons last nested here.Thanks to the the ESB Association (Emma, Stocking, and Bottle Lakes) for donating the funds for a man-made loon nest and a big thanks to Cliff and Joan Tweedale, our lake neighbors who set up the nest in a suitable environment for the loons. Photos of the newborn loon can be found on Joes blog archive at

Updates for 2007 included a new dock, a new storage shed was built closer to the beach for life jackets and yard games, and has saved many hikes up the hill. A new slide and curling rings were added to the swing set. A big thanks goes out to John Kieltyka from Texas, our newest seasonal RV'er, for taking on the the slide and storage shed projects, they were much needed additions! A larger kayak and another paddle boat were added to the fleet of toys which helped guests explore the lake. Also, the cabins had a few minor updates such as faucets, mirrors, and new bedding.

Also this year, Sleeping Fawn Resort has a new toy - Joe recently acquired a Polaris Ranger utility vehicle. Of course, this will make life easier around the resort but will not be fun at all! It will be used for chores only - plowing snow,removing the docks, hauling wood, garbage, dragging the road, raking the beach, and hauling weeds from lake will be so much easier and hopefully eliminate the use of the truck.

We would like to thank all of you who participated in recycling this year - waste was down by 25% and look to double that in 2008. All cabins should have recycling containers in place for 2008 and a recycling center will be in full operation.

Our main project for the 2008 season is an expansion to the campground - this is currently underway and will add six new seasonal RV sites to the resort. The addition is tucked behind the current campground, features private, spacious seasonal sites set on a cul de sac. The addition takes up the area that was the old nature walk, so a new nature trail is planned. Of course, there will be some cabin updates, more water toys, and another new dock is being looked at to support the campground expansion and we hope to stabilize the unpredictable floating dock! In early 2008, we will roll out a new look to the Sleeping Fawn Resort website (, so keep your eyes open.

Despite saying last year was the end of her school bus driving career, Ellen has taken it on again! Those of you who know Ellen know that she likes to keep herself busy. In February, Ellen and her sisters, Pat and Peggy, will be taking a road trip to Alabama to spend time with and celebrate their sister Janet's birthday.

Joe took a couple trips this fall/winter as well – one out to Washington, D.C. in Oct to see some old friends and support his friend Chris, who ran the Marine Corps Marathon. He also had a quick getaway to Scottsdale, AZ in Dec. The resort projects will keep him busy this winter and he will represent the Park Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce at the Fargo and Minneapolis Sportsman shows.

We would like to thank all of you for the compliments left in the cabin journals and all the great word of mouth.We look forward to a great 2008, and we hope to see you next year!

Joe and Ellen