Sunday, October 21, 2007

MEA weekend suprise

The trumpeter swans return to Stocking Lake.
This Sunday late afternoon returning from a drywall job I noticed the swans feeding off the lake bottom right at the resort docks. It was a treat to watch within a distance away not to disturb them. Much to my suprise the swans swam towards me, making my view just 30' away. The Swans made their way along the bay and ended up coming back to the resort dock area, assuming the catch was plentiful in the area.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Trumpeter Swans land on Stocking Lake

Our truely great regular guests, Tom and Nona had this to say, and to share photos with all of you, enjoy.

Always an adventure at Sleeping Fawn Resort...
The group photo of trumpeter swans on the water was taken along the west side of Stocking Lake (North). As you can see in the photo, they were not stressed by our canoe as we slowed and then turned out to the center of the lake to avoid the family. We continued on our canoe ride around Stocking, our favorite activity on this remarkable lake. Some time after we made the far end, down by Hoosier Beach, and turned for home, we again saw the swan family off in the distance ahead of us. They had crossed to the other side, our home leg, and were swimming near the old beaver lodge below what we call Deer Hill. While they were still a quarter mile or so in front of us, we suddenly heard a horrific racket as the six big swans flapped their wings to take off, and loudly encouraged each other to lift, lift. They were flapping straight for our canoe, sort of walking, running along the surface of the water and slapping the water with their wings while trumpeting like mad! We were quite a distance exactly upwind from them, but Nona had the sense that she better prepare to duck as they seemed to take forever to climb off the water. I grabbed my little one-use camera and hoped for a shot, but the swans were hidden behind Nona who was in the canoe bow. I turned the canoe, ever so slightly, so they could see us... and I could see them. Still, closer and closer, flailing and honking... and they were still just above the surface of the water. Coming right toward us! "Pull up, pull up!" I mouthed to the lead, adult swan. They were clearly not gaining altitude. "What should we do?" Nona whispered back at me. They would be upon us in no time! What could we do? We certainly did not want to scare them off. Seemingly about in our laps... but in a flash as if on cue, the family of four immatures and two adults caught good air and up, up they went. Click! Off toward Lower Bottle Lake. Silence. In our now so small and insignificant canoe, we sat stunned in awe. "What happened here?" We quietly chuckled together with joy for our good fortune to have shared moments with this family of trumpeter swans -- each of us migrating, and hoping for a good life. Always an adventure at Sleeping Fawn Resort.

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