Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

MN FilmTV visit

Both Katie , Director of the Park Rapids Chamber of Commerce and myself, a Chamber board member took Christopher Grap, Production Services Manager of MN FilmTV on a tour of the Park Rapids area. Christopher was visiting the area, capturing a few photos and taking notes of all sorts of things found throughout the tour of the Park Rapids lakes area. We visited all the small towns like Dorset, Nevis, Emmaville and Osage and stopped by a couple resorts, Itasca State Park and all sorts of things in between. Christophers visit will put Park Rapids on the map for future film. The MN FilmTV is a go to place for film directors to contact them asking for referrals to specific shots, locations or icons to be used in future films or still shots.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

zz fawn weekend winners

During the Spring Expos and Sport Shows I offered 2 seperate weekend giveaway drawings in 1 of our 2 bedroom cabins good for anytime during the 2008 season. Both winners from this drawing ended up booking the same weekend in late Aug. Unfortunately the weather didnt cooperate to well. It was somewhat breezy and rainy.
One of the couples, Eric of Brainerd, MN and Erin from New Hope, MN spent a very relaxing, non electronic-including cell phone experience here at the Fawn. They wanted time to just unwind, enjoy cookouts on the BBQ grill, hit the lake on one of the paddle boats, and I had the pleasure to spend time with them for an evening of smores and wine around the well built campfire. Eric and Erin are a genuinely great couple and wonderful new friends. Lots to talk about. Looking forward to keep in touch with them.
Erin was nice enough to e-mail a few photos , one with them on the paddle boat, another with a view from their cabin picture window, and Eric viewing the cabin journal.
Both agreed it was refreshing and very relaxing and hoped that they could make this an annual event.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

nice catch

Phil of Byron, MN caught this nice Largemouth Bass in late Aug. Here is a picture of his catch.

lost turtle?

I came back from town running errands and noticed a group of guests viewing a large snapping turtle that was up by the office door, approx 350ft from lake. Did it want to reserve a room? probably not, but it sure was lost, we captured a few photos and left it be. Here are a few photos I thought I would share with you.